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Season Subscribers Receive More Than Ticket Savings

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    Best Prices & Seating

    Season Subscribers receive 10% off ticket purchases and pay lower ticketing fees than single-ticket purchasers. Full-season subscribers are also given priority access for seat selection, so you can purchase the best seats in the theatre for each season concert.

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    Presales and Special Events

    Season Subscribers are the first to hear about our special events that occur throughout the season, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to rub elbows with your favorite soloist!

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    Replacement Tickets

    Misplaced, lost, or forgotten tickets are not a problem! Season Subscribers receive complimentary ticket reprinting as needed. Phew!

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    Planning to Bring Guests to A Concert?

    Season Subscribers may add extra single-ticket purcahses to their order to secure best possible seating for their guests, including Take-A-Teen attendees.

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Call the Mount Baker Theatre at 360.734.6080 and ask to purchase a Whatcom Symphony Season Subscription!

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