A New Direction for the Whatcom Symphony!

Beginning with the 2019-2020 season, the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra has announced that it will change its name to the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra. This decision was the culmination of a thorough and careful inquiry, during which a cross-section of stakeholders and local community leaders were consulted to determine the best course of action. Symphony musicians also contributed to the decision with a majority vote in favor of the new name. As the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra, the organization will continue its commitment to providing high-quality performances to audiences of all ages throughout Whatcom County.

Among the reasons for the change is the hope for greater recognition among nationally- and internationally-renowned guest artists. Aside from the change in nomenclature, the Symphony intends to remain the same community-based and community-driven orchestra.

“I feel so honored and privileged to have watched this orchestra grow over the last five years, and the sky is really the limit. I feel that this change will strengthen our visibility and our connection to the community,” says Music Director Yaniv Attar. “To me, this change is a testament to the incredible wealth of talent and dedication among the musicians in this community; to the deep appreciation of arts, culture and especially music among people in this area; and above all, to the strong foundation that the founders of this orchestra left us to keep building upon. This is such an exciting moment in the life of our fabulous orchestra, and this change will ensure that music will continue to thrive here as we serve the community of Whatcom county and beyond.”

More details about the name change will be announced in Spring 2019.